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The screen-time problem

The screentime is one of the biggest pet peeves i’ve of AKB shows. To me it’s more like basic respect to film people who’s talking than random members standing by the side, and it makes it easier to understand with the speaker’s gestures and facial expressions too.

And in this case, Chiyori is fcking funny to watch :/


i scrolled past this and then i went back up and played it and the sound was off for whatever reason but i listened to it and i’m really glad i did

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Kodama Haruka 2014.07.20 6:55


Good Morning\(^o^)/

This is the deer costume from the skit we did at yesterday’s concert♪

Somehow mine was the only one that covered the whole body!!

Since there won’t be many opportunities for me to wear such a cartoony costume, the people that saw me wear it live are probably rare(。;)

Well then, I’m off!


Kodama Haruka 2014.07.20 12:19


I arrived in Fukuoka\(^o^)/

Wahー、it’s hoーt in Fukuoka…
Summer is here♪

The AKB newspaper is now on sale!!

I had a talk with Sakura and Madoka。

We talked about the Sousenkyo, about the things to come and a lot more!

Definitely try and check it out please(^o^)/


Kodama Haruka 2014.07.20 20:17


Senaka no Zipper
chotto aketechoudai…♪

I enjoyed it\(^o^)/

"Zipper" became one of my favorite songs,
so I really hope I get to sing it again♪

My head is full of memories from Nara Centennial Hall。

The green glowsticks were beautiful as well。

It was like a field of grass。

I am looking forward to visiting the next prefectures!!

Everyone、please wait for me, alright(^o^)/


Kodama Haruka 2014.07.20 23:53


Good Evening。
Haruppi here♪

Tomorrow’s the special Marine Day theater performance, that I’ve been looking forward to a lot\(^o^)/

Doing a special holiday performance,
it’s something pretty rare,
or maybe, is it the first time ever?

We have to always mix new things into our performances, right!!

I wanna taste summer to my heart’s content!

I am also looking forward to seeing you in your summerly fashion(^_^)/

Good Night。